Kids fascinate me because of their quirky characters and their open view on the world. It’s my passion to capture this. The unique character of your child is my inspiration. I let myself be guided by the moment and my feeling, in search of identity, because every kid is different. Important for me is that your kid feels free to express emotions. With a lot of enthousiasm I will capture these real emotions in beautiful pictures. Sometimes this can be sweet, sometimes naughty, funny or cool. But always PURE. No posed picture perfect smiles, but a beautiful image of your child with real emotions, just the way they are. These pictures will be a precious memory and you will enjoy them for years!

The world is my playground! It is my dream to photograph children in all parts and cities of the world. That’s why I have my journey planner on the website, so you can follow where I am at the moment. So if you are in the same place and you want pure and authentic pictures of your children. Feel free to contact me!